Tuesday, 19 September 2017

pattern for the quad_23 magic square

Pattern is in Flickr:
quad_23 magic square

I've tatted again the version with 4 repetitions, this time in two colours, threads are DMC size 80 ecrù and a shade of light blue but the ball was without the label, sorry.

I've also tatted again the basic square, just because I needed a pic to be put in the pattern, but I don't have a real use for it yet.

Instead, a friend suggested to sew the other one on the pocket of a shirt, I already found one with little light blue dots, difficult to take a picture as those are very soft dots but here it is

I tatted the "inverted square", too. I suspect I wasn't on task, in fact you see in the picture there are two rings not joined and I simply made knots with a spare bit of thread to take the picture.
and here it is the path, MODULE-2- was repeated four times:

I hope that the pattern in Flickr is clear enough. Thank you very much for visiting.

But it wasn't clear enough the pattern for the "star n.2 with tuft picots", for someone commented to ask how to do the OTT join in round E and also how to do the normal join to round C. I've filmed myself with the smartphone and now there's a new video in my channel. Please, tell me what do you think. Here is the link:

Last about this week: I managed to buy the catalogue I was looking for, it is about an exhibition held in Genova in 2006, "Gioielli di filo", beautiful laces, eye-candy 😍 ! But there isn't tatting, sigh.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Robin's magic tutorial

I've followed with great interest Robin's blog, lately she shared her way to recreate a magic square starting from a repeatable square (here: ), I love how she explained everything so clearly, step-by-step, and the entire process fascinated me.

I haven't tried her onion ring magic square, though. It's beautiful! But I was curious to try the process, "to embark on my own magic square journeys" (she wrote these words!).

Thank you very much Robin for the fun!

There's a square of mine that is completed in one round and it actually needed a "revision". You may don't know but the most difficult part about designing is correcting your own pattern, when you are stuck and don't now if one double stitch would improve it or get it worse. So I did many tests with this little square, I even used one version in a mat that I gave to my mum (the picture of the square is "quad_23" in the album "granny's squares" in Flickr here: and here it is the finished mat:

I updated the pattern eventually and I like it more, I changed the length of two chains and that made a good difference. I'll share the pattern, sorry it's not yet drawn. Thread is DMC size 80, color number Light Peach 754. Then, following Robin's tutorial, I obtained my quad_23 magic square:

But then I wanted more. It seems that these magic squares are addictive, one is never enough!
Playing with Apps is always fun, just like Robin says the "virtual" tatting saves a lot of time and I was curious to see as soon as possible the bigger square. I downloaded an App called "Photo Collage editor (by Zentertain)" in my smartphone and I had the next picture in an eye-blink!

I can see the inverted square and other squares too! But I don't know if and when I will try them all!
The actual tatting is very little, but I like it and I'm going to try it in two colors.

This week I also finished the Sardinian Bosa filet lace, so I'm ready for the weekend we will have in October with the Maestre who are coming again from Sardinia.

(see the frame with my work started last year here: spare wheels )

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017


It's 20x30cm, at this point it's clear that it could grew uncontrollable. A good reason for leave it as it is. Otherwise, could I tat an edging around it? what do you think?

Just like they say, the journey matters more than the destination. This has been a lovely journey.

Thread is DMC size 80, ecrù and pink (Light Peach n.754), pattern is saved in my notebook (well, it's not saved well enough, but it is there) and they are 2 motifs, the little one is one round, the big one is tatted in 2 rounds.

I can see some improvements, one or two ds less in some points. I cut the thread at each round and each motif, so now I have a lot of wasted thread. Spendthrift, carefree tatter! You'll soon need to go shopping for new thread!

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

It's taking shape

Twelve rings but six sides, rounded shape but hexagonal effect, roundish but pointy. It's going to grow and it's taking shape. A lot of cut and tie and tons of patience. I already collected many "threads too short to be used"! 😄😄😄 I wonder why it's so difficult throwing them away immediately, I should stop saying that sooner or later they will be useful - well, except maybe if I make weaver's knots and use the renewed ball for knitting! But I'd rather don't knit...


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

patterns for the stars with tuft picots

I put two patterns in Flickr. Actually I put two new pictures, with visual diagrams, without the text. I save patterns in my notebook using a short text notation (for ex. the form R:4-4-4) but soon the page is a mess with text and crossed out text and what really helps me then is the drawing, otherwise I can't re-tat it! We have the saying "Chi non legge la sua scrittura è un asino di natura", that means - apart the rhyme - that who can't read their own handwriting is a stupid ignorant (poor donkey! the animal "ass" is the personification of the stupidity). Sometimes I feel dumb in front of some pages of my notebook!

You're welcome to check the link to my Flickr album in the patterns' page on the Menu-Bar or click here in this page above the title of this post.

I know that Flickr is not the best place where putting tatting patterns, it is an image hosting service but anyway my patterns are pictures, file format is jpg or png. I love Flickr because it grants a huge free space for the user; and other people than the owner (if he or she let you do it) can download the picture and if you like you can print it eventually. It's also a mobile friendly site, I love having patterns handy - of course also other designers' pattern. I've been over-using my poor smartphone, an old model but still working, slow but fine. Save the paper!

You are welcome to browse the set "patterns". There are my own ideas, maybe sometimes, despite many trials, I came out with something banal 😳 (((blushing))), but I've never copied. Please enjoy everything and I'll be very happy to see your tatting at some point, that is my reward. I don't sell patterns, you'll always find them there for free.

In case you're thinking that I've "just" been playing with Inkscape, I can assure you I've tatted. Nothing really original, only rings and chains but I made up the stitches' count... I'll tell you in a week.

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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.