Tuesday, 16 January 2018

nothing is perfect

Don't look close, it is nothing but the trick of a magician. My new toilette...
Of course I mean my dollhouse's toilette! I can't wait to have the stool, if you've been following my blog you may remember that I'm collecting these things that are sold weekly, piece by piece. The "doily" is the little motif from the "Nuovo manuale elementare dei lavori delle dame secondo le più recenti variazioni della moda", 1868, fig.15, page 55.

I've started following some blogs where they share miniature pieces, furniture for dollhouse and stunning little flowers. Among these, I absolutely love the "Atelier Sakamichi", a tatting blog from Japan, link: She also has a tatting shop that is here: She uses ribbons and beads, bugle beads too, and makes amazing little bouquets!

Browsing in Pinterest, I found a site on how to make little perfume bottles and I couldn't help myself I had to try them, so in next picture you see what I did. The link is this:

The beautiful little flower on top, has been designed by Daniela Mendola. I've been following Daniela's blog: and she also has a Facebook page: Daniela Mendola Pattern&Design. My flower is not as perfect as hers but I like it. The size is quite big for the toilette, despite I used the white size 100. There are many lovely patterns in her blog, not only tatting but also crochet and embroidery, she writes in English and Italian.


I'm still tatting Brussels' squares, different patterns are showed in next picture, but you see in the background many attempts too! I have 62 squares that fit the correct size, and 12 discarded squares that I won't send to Brussels because they are bigger or littler than 3x3cm, that is my fault of course, I've used the wrong thread or/and the wrong tension and/or the wrong brain cell!
In the pictures, I tatted the squares with a Lizbeth size 40 and a pink sewing thread, wound together, that is very close to a size 20 thread.

- Weldon's square (1911 pattern is in Craftree)
- my square pattern (read about it in this post: anonymous)
- Kathy Konek's design, pattern shared in Facebook
- Jane McLellan, pattern shared in her blog
- Cathy's square (Cathy de Greef  Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink )
- Carollyn's square, pattern shared in her blog here:

I'm supposed to be an experienced tatter, but I still do common mistakes. Are you wondering if I've the list of what - in theory - I know I must avoid to do? So here it is...

DON'T (((possibly))):
1. tat with little light or tired: I'm that "only-another-ring-before-going-to-sleep" kind of tatter... and then often I retro-tat the day after!
2. tat with tension: I'm relaxed when I tat but my tatting is always tight. Not every pattern asks for a tight tension, for example my first Weldon's square came out shrunk, in the picture above I put the second one tatted.
3. miscount stitches - that is very common especially when I'm very relaxed...
4. ‎make a join without thinking beforehand, I mean that there are many type of join and the fastest one it isn't always the best
5. start tatting fast with any leftover thread on the shuttle, thread can be too thin or too big for the pattern.

I should listen to me when I speak... Ooops!

Ciao, Ninetta
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Tuesday, 9 January 2018


I wonder if the anonymous inventor of tatting would be surprised to see how many passionate lacers have been conquered by the magic 2 stitches. I just love these little roses, they look so simple and realistic. 
While playing with my dollhouse project, I learned that things haven't to be real but only look almost real. I must tat again a doily for the table, yes sigh, it arrived and it is very small and the doily I tatted is too big (!!).

Pattern is just an adaptation of the beautiful Roses' pattern by Jeanne Lugert (it can be found here:
My adaptation for the mini roses:
SR 3/1-1
(SR 4/2-2) repeat for 4 times
(SR 6/3-3) repeat for 4 times
(SR 8/4-4) repeat for 4 times
 The finishing is the same as the original pattern, passing tails in picots, as I already explained here:

There are a lot of tatters that have already joined the international project started by by Cathy de Greef ( Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink ). I've tatted 50 squares till now. For the first 30 squares, I followed her pattern, then I finished the pink thread. I have a bad flaw, indecision, made even worse for the fact that I always tend to put off everything. So now I think I would had to buy online the right thread in november, instead of trying HWT or making up a new square for the thin thread I have handy. However, that happened, I have almost a full ball of Lizbeth size 40 color called "Raspberry Frappe" (yum!) and a square that only needed to be tested. I have tatted 20 squares with this thread and my alternative pattern.

I also tested the same pattern (different stitches' count) with a size 20 thread, so if you have that size, you please would like to give it a try, please feel free to test it and in case it works for you, you can use it as an alternative for the Brussels squares. The finished motif should measure 3cm x 3cm. In the next short version text, R means ring and Ch means chain; FR means floating ring.

Pattern is worked with two shuttles CTM, I load all thread in shuttle2, unwind about 80cm and then put this tail in shuttle1, start the center ring with shuttle2, then do not reverse work and change shuttle, tatting the rest with the shuttle1 as the core shuttle.

Short text:
Center ring: R 3-3-3-3
First round: mock picot, (Ch 3-3, lock join to center picot) repeat for 4 times
Second round: Ch 3-3-3, *[ R 3+3 (join R to first round), FR 3+6-3 (join to last picot in chain),
FR 3+6-6-3 (join to previous FR), FR 3+6-3 (join to previous FR), Ch 3+3-3, lock join to first round in the space between two chains, over the previous lock join] repeat from * for 4 times except that in the last chain the last picot must be a join to the first picot of the first chain.

Drawing is in Flickr:
square for Brussels


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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

don't lose the keys (and the tatting, too)

They're 20 in total and I'm glad my friends loved them, they have already been given away as xmas' gifts. The plastic key fob has been tatted around as it was a stone, like the earrings here: "international drop addiction", thread is 2 strands of Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas).
The little crosses inside had been part of the net embroidered last summer, there was some space left after I finished the fans and I thought to make something so the precious handmade net would not have been wasted.
This was the net before I cut the fans, bookmarks and many motifs. I still have to buy a structure for the second fan, but the lace is saved.

I finished a necklace, using the same thread Finca and light blue bugle beads, I also added some little pearl drops. I like it, especially the chain with the interlocking split rings, that gives a pretty touch to the pattern. I plan to make a second one in silver, not soon though.

There is a post of mine about how to tat the interlocking split rings, it was useful as I don't often tat this chain. I tatted using "Method 2" in my tutorial, link is here: interlocking since 1869

I thought that those earrings in previous photo didn't match and then I came up with another pair, much better in my opinion.

In the next picture there is a box that has a pincushion in the cap, I saw this in Pinterest and I couldn't resist to try it out, made from a tuna can, fabric and cardboard. This is the original source:
I used the wrong type of glue, it smell badly, just because I still haven't learnt how to use the hot glue gun. Next year...

I wish you all my heartfelt Merry Christmas and I'll take a break from the blog, till next year. I'll tat mini roses, mini bedspread and I'll also knit scarves... and I will eat panettone and torrone, of course!


Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Still a work in progress... a bedspread for the dollhouse:

Currently, my WIP(*) list is growing (not even mentioning many UFO(**)), I wish I could complete my xmas gifts and there's something else good to put off for New Year's resolutions.
- scissors fobs to complete (almost done)
- plastic key fobs with tatting outside and netting inside for small xmas gifts (almost done)
- necklace with bugle beads and matching earrings
- pink squares for the project Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink by Cathy de Greef (Canarithy)
- bedspread for the dollhouse
- miniature flowers (only experiments till now, nothing good enough)

And you? Do you already have tatting plans for the New Year? If you have run out ideas, there is the nice initiative "Palmetto Tatters Guild 2018 Tatting Scholarship Fundraiser Quilt". It is a group project and I'm going to mail something that will be sewn on a block. It will be fun, please read about it here: and spread the word!

(*) WIP = sheer fun underway.
(**) UFO = I (deliberately) forgot where this object is, shuttles are attached only for future fishing out.

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

miniature sofa

Thread is DMC size 80 ecrù.

Those pillows are my second attempt, the first ones were too big for the sofa and I had to start again, measuring the fabric and browsing the internet in search of any help. I found an inspiring site with many tutorials for little furniture, I'd like you have a look, for example at this:

The first pillow version is on the right in that picture.

The "big" ones would be lovely scissors fobs, they will be given away. I only need a cord for the fob, there is a knotted cord here in fig. 835 of the Encyclopedia of needlework by Dillmont:

The pattern in the left is an adaptation of Mrs Odum daisy. Textual directions are in the same style as they are for the original pattern that I found here:

With two shuttles begin with a round centre ring.
1. R 1 - (1 -) x 6, 1 close ring, mock picot climb into next round

2. CH 4 + (join to next picot) vsp CH 4. Repeat 7 times. ((((I used lock joins))))
Lock join thread to first picot and make vsp.

3. CH 5 + (join to that vsp on the previous row) and repeat around. 
4. CH 6 + (join to that vsp on the previous row) and repeat around.
5. CH 7 + (join to that vsp on the previous row) and repeat around. ((((I put in the last chain the magic loop thread for hiding the end tail))))

*make a vsp. CH 7, position chain on top of motif and join it to the first picot on the round centre ring, going across the picot. ((((I only tat a second half stitch after the join))))
CH 7, position chain on top of motif and bring back to the starting point.

((((I used an ANKARS over join in this point, joining the vsp)))) 
Continue to the same direction.
7. CH 4 - 4 as part of the outer round and lock join to the next picot on the outer round. 
8. Repeat from * around for a total of 8 petals positioned on top the flower motif.
(((( I finished with the method by Frivolè for Hiding Ends in the Last Chain and hid the second tail with the magic loop left in previous round ))))

In the next pic, I used HWT (a cotton without a label and a sewing silk thread) to have a size 20 thread for tatting again the pink square by Cathy de Greef ( Tat a Brussels’ monument in pink ). I've tatted five till now. For the first two squares, I started with a ring, then I tried to go down or up with a chain. I was looking for a simple way to teach beginners how to tat it, in fact I hope to involve my friends - the bobbin lacers of our local lace association. In her video, shared in the site, Cathy started with a chain and now I think I've understood the reason. I think that starting with a chain is clever, as you don't have to worry about how to join the last chain in a narrow curve, that's easier for beginners. But I found that starting from the second chain (labelled 3 in red in her picture with the pattern) it is even easier, that is you join in the normal way the second last chain and then you have the last chain where to finish and hide tails... I hope I was clear. Just my two cents among the many possibilities we can choose for tatting that little square.


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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.